Fish and Chip Love To Go to Comic Con

Well, we done it again! Last minute, we put the book together, and now it breathes! It's a book about a fish (named Fish) who can fly, and a bird (named Chip) who can't. Brilliant you say? And you haven't even read it yet! This is our new offering for Comic-Con. Find it there, or you can buy it on
Hey, don't forget about Knuckles McGee! If you haven't picked that up yet, we still have a scant few copies you can get your eager hands on. See you in San D!


James Burks said…
That looks super funny. I can't wait to see it at comic con. Will Joe be giving these away to famous starlets?
Martin Hsu said…
Nice, Kyle! Can't wait to see the book, ok ok, AND you at Comic Con! >:D
Kristin said…
This book is awesome. I's AWESOME! Can't wait to purchase one....along with a 'Pillow-Fighting Peanuckle Peg Leg Plush". See you at the Con!
HA! You made your own girlfriend buy a book. But, actually, now that you mention it - I'm thinking of buying I have to pay shipping...? The book does look pretty good!