Here's one of my pieces from the LA Myth show from last weekend. In my subtle bid to make work harder for myself, I did a five-parter piece called "The Day Angel's Trolley Took Flight." It's a nod to the Angel's Flight train in downtown LA (apparently the shortest railway in the US) and the Hollywood western. Soon, I'll have a Flickr page up with photos of the event: there were cameras suspended about the gallery that anyone could go and take a picture. So I'll post a link to them here, and there'll also be a link on the myspace page for the show.

Oh, and soon our comic book and associated merch will be avialable on line! I was having weird computer problems getting it all to work, but it should be available soon! Check out Knuckle's Blog to see it grow in glory!!!


Kristin said…
These pieces are so much fun. I have to admit that my favorite is the dastardly villain hijacking the locomotive. Classic! But, where is your Tiki masterpiece? I heard such a great buzz about it on opening night. :) Hope to see it posted here soon.

your biggest fan
Joe_O said…
Nice dude... bringing back the Quintiptyc (is that a word?)!! I dig Dastardly Villain as well. You wanna write a story with him?
Dee said…
These are awesome! A little history behind it, is always good! Your sucha vat of knowledge. Love the last one too. You should do a short story with him. DO IT-DO IT!! hehee...;)