History in a Flash, pt. 1

I was just thinking back the other day about my career in animation. Not to long ago, I was totally anti technology, and refused to get a computer. I wanted to fight the good fight, stay traditional. And then I realized I needed to eat. So I taught myself some Flash, and with the help of some good friends, jumpstarted my animation career again. Here I present to you a random sampling of design work done in vector based programs. I'm posting it because I'm astounded by the range of style you can accomplish using Flash and Adobe Illustrator. This simple web program has become a hub of animation, and for better or worse, it's the tool of my trade.

Here's some design I did for WB's online series of shorts called "Cartoon Monsoon." This was my first design job using and drawing directly into Flash. Considering it was a quantity with quality job (aren't they all?), the results were pretty good. Animation was done in house by Six Point Harness and the series was produced by Aaron Simpson. They both were awesome to work with, and gave me all the freedom to design how I wanted, a luxury and a learning experience that I'll never see again! From there I went to a little show called The Buzz on Maggie ...