Comic Con do it!

You get it? Comic "Conduit," like it's means for us to launch ourselves into the public! Nice! Hey, come visit Joe Olivares, James Burks and ME at booth O8. That's Oh-eight. All I know is it's in the Small Press area. We'll have our new Knuckles Mcgee comic for sale (including a limited edition bound-and-colored version with art of!), along with a sketchbook, shirts, plushes, buttons, maybe a poster or two, and some drawings, if you ask us real nice like. Looking forward to it! Just don't look forward to any more posts here until after it!! Thanx!


Joe_O said…
We did it homeslice! Are ya ready for more all nighters? Haha.
Martin Hsu said…
kyle!!! It was awesome meeting you man! Let's do lunch sometime! Maybe even with James... if he promises to behave!
Scott Wright said…
Awesome meeting you! You and your "sister" made my comic con experience.

And hey if you ever have an extra one of those shirts my wife would love much are you need to put them on the market!
I'm sorry but you guys introduced yourself as siblings so it wasn't entirely my fault, wasn't it?
Anyway, it was fun to meet you both.
boob said…
I picked up the collective sketchbook from youse guys - great stuff! Hope to see you at the con again next year!

Steve Daye said…
Did you leave your camera at home? Save me a book!