I had an interview a while back. They wanted a lot for very little. In general, very unprofessional. I even wore a tie for them.


SteveLambe said…
That really sucks. I think I see the problem though.

You wore a tie instead of your crushed velvet magic pants. If you had, they would made you CEO of the whole company.

It's a fact. Lookit up.
Unknown said…
Usually when I swing my weapons around at interviews, it goes very well. You probably just need stronger arm muscles. I'm a doctor now so I know this. The violence in this picture is very wonderful.
Unknown said…
what goin' on HERE? hmmm?
yer weird too.... he he he
----you should just show 'em yer wanker.-- that always gets you the job... I mean, that's how I do it... I meAN...UM..wait.nevermind.