The Real Con Story

Okay, so, against everything W.C. Fields believed in, I used a cute dog for advertising. I made about 15 of these plushes (with help from Kory and Kristin, of course) for the Con. And Wicket, just before she threw up, posed with the Peanuckle Plushes. Peanuckle, if you don't know, is the narrator of our recently self-published book, "Fish n Chip Love to Fly."

And, because Joe is lame, I have to post an image of his shirt. It has become my favorite shirt. No, not because I freaking work with the dude all the time ... it's genuinely my favorite shirt now. I have a nice collection of Gama-Go t's, a cool Martin Hsu shirt, and my Angel-Devil shirt, pictured above (and for sale, if interested). But Joe's has shown up in the rotation more than the others recently. I like it for it's simplicity, it's not overly artsy-trendy-hipster, it's cartoony, simple color harmony, it's printed on American Apparel, and it makes me laugh. And he's selling it for only $15. Cheaper and cooler than any T! Click on his link to the left, and ask him about it; the story of the characters is great, too.

Yours truely. I hate posting pix of myself. This was our table at the Con. James blew away the competition with his orange orange orange. And that's an original painting behind him, on canvas and everything. If you missed us, it's your fault. Books I picked up: Ben Balisteri's opus (part 1) is awesome, everything you'd expect from that guy, in large format no less; Gabriele Pennacchioli's usual amazing stuff ... but if you meet him in person, ask him to pitch it to you ... he is a magnificent salesman ... ; Donnachada Daly's new visions in 3D, his usual beauties, but he's done the magic-eye-stereoscopic thing with them, and he gets points for stepping outside the usual sketchbook boundaries; Who is Rocket Johnson book by the story artists from Disney .. yadda yadda awesome; Martin Hsu's sketchbook, dude can draw like nobody's biz, but he's in my biz, so I care; a plush from Scott Wright that was scary-adorable; and honorable mention (because I met him and picked it up at Wonder Con), Joey Chou's "Crazy by the Letters" book that is straight up cool, as is he. I know I got some others, and apologize for not mentioning them here, but that's what I can remember, and the books are still taped shut in our storage box from transporting them back. And I swore this year not to buy ANYTHING! Oh, here's one more jem for you guys ...
That lucky Peanuckle!