LA Myth Art Show, Year 2!

It's that time of year again! Here's a taste of what I'll be having at the show. They've come to save Los Angeles ... the Angelinobots!


Kristin said…
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Kristin said…
Angelinobots ROCK! I always love seeing your amazing work. You have a great skill for putting an unexpected twist into your pieces. So, it was especially fun to see the crowd response to your Angelinobot: Optimus Picante. Congrats on a successful art opening. :D Clearly, your art is PICANTE!
hello and good afternoon,

I was at LA Myth 2009 and i saw your piece (Optimus Picante) and was interested in purchasing a tshirt. what would i need to do? thank you for your great work!
Angelo Vilar said…
pure genius!