Thanks to all who came to the LA Myth show this year. It was good fun. For those of you (like Andria) who are interested in buying some Optimus Picante shirts, they're still available at Meltdown Comics. Rumor has it, they'll be online to purchase, too. But heck, if you want to buy them through me, you can do that also, just email me (kyle@chuckleheadproductions.com). If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll put a cool paypal link so you can buy them online through me ... let the internets do all the hard work! I'll even send along one of my signed booklet prints of Optimus.

BTW, a big shout out to the guys who printed those shirts: ThreeApparel.com


Kristin said…
muy picante.
Unknown said…
great modeling job there! - does the shirt come with a hat?

In any case - you're missing out on cash by not being on shutterstock - and flowers bring visitors to my blog - creeping up on 3000!