Ciao Travels

Hey! So I've been doing a bit of traveling. Every time I go somewhere, I say, "Goshdarn, this time I'm gonna do some art on location! It's going to be brilliant!" But I don't. Assigning myself homework has predictable consequences ... I don't do it. But I did manage to do the bare minimum while I was in Italy, so here are some pages from my tiny moleskine:

I don't know why Italian birds speak French, but that's the sound they made ...
The brown-red color is from a Tuscan Chianti. I'm not much of a wine drinker, I'd rather paint with the stuff.

A fantastic trio was playing bossa novas in the Santa Croce piazza

Haha! Them rooftops! Urban sprawl upwards!


James said…
I didn't know that you could draw?
Kristin said…
I love how you used wine to color your sketches. A stroke of brilliance!