a fishy story

I was curious to find out why that fish was in the tank from my previous boring story, so here's some insight, part 1:


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Anonymous said…
You ejoy that DASSAULT is getting identified with the rest of " NEW VIOLENCE" criminals?
Well me too.
And not only that, you and he will both be in our movie.
( With SCHAR)
We could have called it" HECOCCU" but truly, crass is crass.
Anonymous said…
Please...everyone is far too kind and you do not show what these people are.
Why can't we scream this to the world on the blogs?
Because , like cowards, they DELETE...PEARL , WHY YOU LITTLE is going crazy!!!
But the beauty of their crimes is that due to it's CRUELTY and " PITY LTD"...we can have the same.
The movie, will take into account who was truly " RICK'S SETAIN" , and if there was one second of hesitation to conceal one event, they are on DEDST in our MOVIE.
We want them helped with therapy.
The movie wants to show they can be rehabilitated .
Don't let us down.
THAT HAT is your last chance.
Let's see how they like it, when the media shows , finally, what they are.
To quote them...may they " DYINDUST".
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